With a wide range of specialist sensors, APEM provides robust and reliable scientific data for developments such as offshore wind farms. This includes the collection of baseline data, the provision of population estimates to inform environmental impact assessments and collecting pre- and post-construction data.

Bird and marine mammal aerial surveys

sea birds at rest on a rocks overlooking the sea

Guillemot, puffin and kittiwake.

  • Bespoke aerial digital surveys specifically designed to monitor target species, including birds and marine mammals, in full safety and with no disturbance to people or wildlife, using statistically robust grid-based or transect-based designs.
  • Survey information gathered using a process in which safety is always paramount.
  • Aerial digital surveys that are not only normally cheaper than traditional boat surveys, but also provide counts unbiased by the strong attraction that many seabirds have to boats associated with fishing discards.
  • Rapid mobilisation due to controlling the survey process, including our own cameras, technicians and image analysts.
  • Highly geo-spatially accurate data as APEM’s specialist flight planning software plots the flight paths and the camera only operates when the target location is reached. APEM further helps guarantee sound survey data quality by only flying in suitable weather, for example avoiding high sea states and midday sun to reduce image glare.
  • Imagery collected during the day and at night at a range of resolutions from 1 cm GSD upwards using a range of custom-made specialist sensors.
  • Positive identification of species – even of small wading birds – by APEM’s full-time dedicated ornithologists.
  • Accurate and precise flight heights, directions of movement, behaviour and – where possible – age and gender.
  • A robust and reliable permanent digital record unaffected by human bias available for immediate and future analysis and statistical modelling.
  • External quality assurance provided by independent experts from the British Trust for Ornithology and SMRU Consulting, if required.
  • A full range of marine ecology surveys via our highly experienced field team.
  • Technical consultancy support, including population modelling, collision risk modelling and advice and support on meeting legislative requirements in the marine environment, including impact assessment and Habitats Regulations assessment.
  • Aerial survey view of a basking shark Basking shark
  • Aerial survey birds eye view of a beaked whale Beaked whale
  • Aerial survey of marine mammals captures fin whale and ray from above Fin whale and ray
  • Aerial survey birds eye view of pod of dolphins Pod of dolphins

Bird and marine mammal survey experience

Our aerial survey experience includes:

  • Completing more than 1,500 offshore bird and marine mammal surveys in the UK, Europe and the USA for clients including developers and regulators.
  • On behalf of Scottish Power Renewables, gathering digital aerial survey data for East Anglia ONE, the first offshore wind farm consented for its birds and marine mammals using only aerial digital surveys.
  • On behalf of the US Navy, using nadir and oblique high resolution digital imagery in combination to estimate numbers of birds and Pacific monk seals – a rare species – on an inaccessible island in Hawaii.
  • On behalf of Natural England, gathering high resolution digital imagery that demonstrated that the Outer Thames Estuary SPA held Europe’s highest number of wintering red-throated divers.
  • On behalf of Orsted, gathering the pre-, during and post-construction survey data for the London Array offshore wind farm.
  • Delivering the world’s largest aerial digital offshore wildlife survey, off the coast of New York, as well as major surveys off the coast of North and South Carolina.

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