Industry-leading aerial topographic surveys

APEM is a global leader in aerial topographic surveys. Clients from the water and power sectors, the construction industry and government agencies have commissioned us to undertake aerial surveys of sites of interest.

Using our specialist camera and image processing technology, APEM captures ultra-high resolution imagery – better than 5 cm GSD – in multiple wavebands from red-green-blue to near infrared. We use the data to generate high density topographic models such as point clouds, digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM), as well as accurate ortho-mosaics and 3D virtual flyovers.

Topographic layers of the same scene

The surveys are carried out by our expert team of pilots, technicians, project managers and image analysts, using our own fleet of survey aircraft and state-of-the camera systems.

Keeping the work in-house from start to finish means that we can ensure high quality data for our clients.

Benefits of aerial surveys

Aerial view topographic map of rural landscape

Our innovative approach to topographic mapping removes delays caused by land ownership or access issues and minimises the number of ‘boots-on-the-ground’, which is of significant health and safety benefit to our clients.

APEM’s aerial surveys also provide high quality data in remote, inaccessible or hazardous areas. In addition, we can survey either very large areas of up to 200 square kilometres or multiple small sites in a single day.

Topographic aerial surveys tailored to your needs

Our surveys are bespoke and can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, with our in-house processing techniques we can produce point clouds with up to 160 points per square metre – providing an unprecedented level of detail.

Our services include providing topographic data for:

  • Earthworks volume calculation during construction projects
  • Cut and fill analyses
  • Catchment modelling – slope, watershed analysis and channel mapping
  • Route optimisation analyses
  • River restoration projects
  • 3D visualisations.

Aerial survey aircraft over river showing camera hatch

Air Operator Certificate and PART-SPO

Our Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and PART-SPO registration demonstrate our commitment to operating at the highest standards of health and safety. Together they provide our clients with complete flexibility in carrying expert technicians and task specialists on board our aircraft during surveys.

We operate under our own AOC, fully authorised and audited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to the same rigorous standards required of major airlines.

We are also the first company to successfully register to operate under the new PART-SPO regulations. PART-SPO is a major update to the way that aerial surveys are regulated, signalling both a significant tightening of requirements and a new approach by the CAA.

It covers special operations from aerial photography to aerobatics, parachuting, cloud seeding and animal herding. APEM is registered for aerial photography, surveying and calibration.

If you have any queries, please contact David Campbell, principal remote sensing scientist.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.