Among our experienced staff is Dr Chris Ashelby, an expert in marine crustaceans. This year Chris led research showing that the Japanese brush-clawed crab, an invasive non-native species, has been present in the UK for far longer and in far larger numbers than previously thought.

Close up of Japanese brush-clawed crab in lab

APEM’s marine laboratory continued to supply specimens from our reference collection to international experts for use in various taxonomic studies.

Away from the sea our phytoplankton experts were helping to keep open-water swimmers safe by analysing water samples for harmful blue-green algae. Samples arrive from a wide range of clients and locations, including one of the UK’s leading triathlon training facilities. APEM’s scientists have a wealth of experience in water quality relating to triathlons, including both the Manchester and Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

England's Jonathan Brownlee dives into Strathclyde loch at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games triathlon.

One of our freshwater taxonomists, meanwhile, was excited to identify the illusive fish leach Piscicola geometra in water samples from Wales for the first time.

Microscope image of P-siddalli

Our traditional expertise in freshwater and marine taxonomy has recently been joined by expertise in botany. Our botanist Damien Hicks helped run a workshop with APEM entomologist Dr Kevin Jones for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and the Field Studies Council.

Butterfly resting on a thistle

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