The team rapidly secured permits and implemented a biosecurity plan, thanks to years of experience and long-standing relationships with UK Environmental regulators. Innovative electric fishing techniques allowed the team to painlessly stun the fish before they were caught and relocated to a safe and suitable habitat.

During the relocation, the team were able to identify three designated fish species that are protected by UK law. Most surprising was the discovery of a healthy population of spined loach, an Annex II Species, which had not been previously observed in this water course.Picture of spined loach, showing a healthy and growing population.

Peter Dennis, Divisional Director – Field Operations and Health & Safety at APEM Ltd said:

“I was delighted to be part of the specialist team for this deployment and was pleasantly surprised to see the number of fish in the Brook at this point. To safely relocate these fish, notably the designated species, was really satisfying and it was great to see a healthy population of spined loach, one of my favourite freshwater fish species. This deployment by the Story / APEM team just demonstrates the importance of implementing environmental permits which have wide reaching benefits to ecology and local biodiversity.”

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