It is widely acknowledged as Europe’s leading independent consultancy specialising in the aquatic environment but has plans for further growth and diversification on an international scale.

Andy Lockwood has joined the company after a 25-year career in industry, where he has worked closely with senior management and investors to deliver growth. He said:

“As well as having untapped potential, APEM is doing very important work protecting the environment at a time when the world finally seems to have woken up to the importance of this.

“Adrian and Stuart are visionary scientists who are backed by WestBridge Capital, which is known for being a supportive investor.

“The combination of all these factors made APEM an exciting proposition and I am relishing what lies ahead.”

Dr Adrian Williams, managing director at APEM, said:

“APEM is well positioned to take advantage of the global interest in protecting our natural environment and we are pleased to welcome Andy to the board to bring a broader set of strategic skills to our team.

“Recent customer feedback confirms we have a loyal customer base with an increasing interest in environmental conservation that they would like our help with. They value what we already offer and some have suggested complementary new services we could introduce, which we are currently investigating.

“All in all, exciting times for our customers and everyone at APEM.”

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Adrian Williams, Managing Director.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.