WindEnergy Hamburg is the world’s largest event for the wind energy industry, attracting over 33,000 delegates and over 1,200 exhibitors from around the globe to its three days of conferences and exhibitions.

Dr Stuart Clough, APEM’s director of remote sensing, said: “The event’s global reach is perfect for APEM as the last few years have seen us not only cement our place as the UK leader in aerial offshore bird and marine mammal surveys, but also carry out major surveys in the Baltic Sea, German North Sea and also the US.

“As well as a number of onshore developments we have carried out over 500 offshore surveys, including for several of the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

“We recently started a three year project conducting the world’s largest offshore digital wildlife survey off the coast of New York State, at the highest resolution ever conducted for an offshore survey.”

APEM specialises in ultra-high resolution aerial surveys of birds and mammals for both offshore and onshore wind farm developments.

It has developed a unique state-of-the-art camera system, Shearwater II, that delivers exceptionally high quality data. It gathers very high resolution images even from heights above 2000 feet, allowing well over 95 per cent of birds to be identified to species. It also provides precise bird flight heights that satisfy the requirements of statutory agencies.

By reducing the time it takes to carry out a survey the set-up also offers reduced costs for developers.

However, APEM will soon begin using a new, even more powerful camera system capable of capturing images at resolutions never before achieved.

The company has also pioneered a grid-based survey pattern rather than straight-line transects, which gather more detailed estimates of bird and marine mammal populations and deliver more robust data.

Next month the company will also travel to Offshore Windpower 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island, the largest offshore wind energy conference in North America. The event is run by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and APEM will be presenting on its New York project and its innovative approach to using grid-based surveys.

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