In fact, our multinational field team reflects a strong international contingency throughout the company.

Almost 15 per cent of the company’s staff is non-British, bringing in expertise from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Australia and America, as well as all four nations of Great Britain.

Our international staff work in our offices across England, Scotland and Wales, and in every part of the company. They include laboratory scientists, image analysts, ornithologists and field scientists, as well as contributing to our legal, business development, remote sensing and aviation teams.

APEM director, Dr Adrian E. Williams, said: “As a company we rely on the expertise of our scientists and consultants, so we have long had a tradition of bringing in high calibre people from a wide range of nationalities.

“Our very first non-British employee was Canadian and joined us many years ago when we were a much smaller company.

“So whilst there may be a joke in the making with respect to this particular field team, ultimately there’s no joke in wanting to employ the best people irrespective of their nationality, race, creed, gender or religious beliefs.”

If you have any queries, please contact Peter Dennis, field team director.
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