It takes its place proudly alongside superb images from some of the world’s other top aerial survey companies.

They include birds’ eye views of skyscrapers around Tokyo railway station, the Wax Lake delta in Louisiana, the rugged coast of New Brunswick in Canada, arid fields around Madrid in Spain, and the Colorado River as it snakes through the red rock of the Grand Canyon.

Taken from on-board one of our P-68 Observer survey aircraft, APEM’s picture shows a peaceful coastal scene of Portholland in Cornwall.

David Campbell, head of APEM’s remote sensing team, said: “Having enjoyed looking at the amazing pictures in the calendar each year, I was delighted that one of our images was included for 2017.”

  • Leica RCD-30 high resolution aerial survey camera in place in a survey aircraft
  • Aerial Survey for water pipe leakage
  • Overhead view of a wind turbine and service boat taken during an aerial survey
  • Aerial Surveys for Topography Mapping 1

The image is just one of over a million images APEM has captured with the ultra-high definition Leica RCD-30 camera system, which APEM was the first company in Europe – and only the second in the world – to purchase.

The camera made it possible for APEM to carry out not only higher resolution surveys, but also a new range of surveys using the near-infrared spectrum.

It has since been joined by new camera systems and remains a cornerstone of our aerial survey operations and is in regular service for a wide range of specialist surveys. These include topographic, land use, habitat and vegetation surveys.

Over the last several years it has even been sent to the US, where APEM has employed it on habitat surveys of the Florida Everglades and topographic route surveys in New England.

Recently APEM’s in-house development team deployed a ground-breaking new camera system, called the Shearwater III. This next-generation system was developed to push image resolutions to as high as 0.5 cm per pixel ground resolution.

It is currently being used on the world’s largest and most detailed digital aerial surveys of offshore wildlife, off the coast of New York.

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