Work conducted under the framework will include: environmental monitoring, impact assessment and options appraisal; hydroecology; flow gauging, hydrology; water quality; hydrogeology; borehole design and optimisation; groundwater modelling; test pumping; water features monitoring; WFD groundwater impact assessments, abstraction licence support, groundwater quality catchment modelling and risk assessments, Aquator modelling and coding and runoff modelling. 


The win continues a long-running and well-established partnership between the three companies. ESI will lead the alliance of expert teams with APEM and Hydrologic Services Ltd as the main partners, plus a number of other specialist suppliers. 


“Severn Trent places great emphasis on the role of the supply chain to deliver its business needs,” said Adrean Chavira, lead category specialist, Severn Trent. “We select and work with providers in the delivery of real cost-effective solutions, with the fundamental principle of providing the right product or service for the process or application every time.


“We look forward to meeting our statutory requirements and implementing further enhancements to our water resource management plan to the benefit of our customers.”


APEM’s director of aquatic ecology, Adrian Williams, said: “Over the last decade we’ve developed a very close and productive working relationship with ESI and Hydrologic, each company bringing strengths and expertise that complements the others.


“APEM brings a particular focus on hydroecology, amongst other experience.


“We have worked together for Severn Trent Water for eight years now and the fact that Severn Trent have again chosen to select us for their framework demonstrates the strength of our combined approach.”

If you have any queries, please contact Dr David Bradley, director of freshwater ecology.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.