Having kicked off earlier this year the initiative steps up a gear today as part of The Great British Spring Clean, organised by Keep Britain Tidy. APEM is aiming to collect 100 bags of litter during the month-long Spring Clean, contributing £200 to charity.

The team often works at sites along the coast and here they will also be supporting the work of international non-profit campaign, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Last year APEM’s field scientists worked at over 100 sites the length and breadth of the country, meaning that litter will be collected from sites all over the UK.

With single use plastics like water bottles and crisp packets making up a high proportion of the litter, the field team’s efforts will contribute to the fight against plastic pollution.

If left on riverbanks and in the water, the plastics could eventually degrade into microscopic fragments that are virtually impossible to remove.

This year the launch of the Great British Spring Clean coincides with World Water Day, adding extra relevance to actions aimed at cleaning up our rivers and lakes – the source of much of our clean, safe water.

The head of APEM’s field team, Peter Dennis, said: “I was carrying out a fisheries survey for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and spotted some plastic sheeting that had blown into the river.

As I started gathering up the plastic it occurred to me that if our field scientists did the same whenever they could we could collectively make a big difference. We’re all in this job because we want to have a positive impact on our environment so it seemed an ideal way to do our part.”

  • Litter collected from River Mersey
  • Litter collected from the River Clwyd in Wales
  • Litter collected from the River Lune in Lancashire

Peter arranged for APEM’s charity fund to ‘sponsor’ each bag of litter collected for a pound, which will be donated to charities such as Keep Britain Tidy. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water company’s environment programme manager, Gail Davies, has agreed to match the funding. Sponsorship generated within Wales will go towards supporting Welsh charities.

Gail Davies said: “This is a fantastic and ground-breaking initiative proposed by one of our environmental contractors who work across all of our operating area.  A very simple activity, which we could all do every time we are out, to help improve the environment in which we work and live.”

APEM plans to run its cash-for-trash campaign for a year before reviewing its success.

If you have any queries, please contact Peter Dennis, director of field operations.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.