The APEM specialist field team were able to mobilise safely and expediently to undertake vital environmental work and to capture and relocate the resident fish as draining commenced on the Pools.

“We are very grateful to APEM for stepping in at the last minute to help us ensure any fish living in the pool could be safely caught and relocated in advance of our pool draining works to check the structural lining. Not the most appealing task as Simon and his colleagues waded through the algae and silt in the pool…! They did a great job however and ensured all concerned parties were kept informed, and after a quick health check on the fish, arranged for the fish to be relocated to the nearby stretch of canal.” Anna Baker, Project Director, Cleveland Pools Trust

In a truly collaborative effort, the APEM field team engaged with the Environment Agency, Canal & Rivers Trust and The Bathampton Anglers Association to ensure that the best habitat was found for the fish. A total of 500 roach and perch were relocated after a fish health check was undertaken.

Peter Dennis, Division Director APEM, commented: “We are very pleased to be able to support the project at the Pools and to safely relocate a really healthy fish population to their new home. Great to see the environment being put at the top of the agenda on a project promoting open swimming to the local community.

The Cleveland Pools is currently due to re-open in 2022 and the Trust are actively seeking volunteers and donations to support their cause in all capacities. Once completed it will be a unique open-air public swimming pool, with 30% of the energy for heating the water coming from heat pumps in the adjacent river.

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