Photo of the Year

Photo of the Year winners

The winner is Waterfall by Abi Goulding, assistant ornithology consultant.

The judges were all very impressed with the shortlist.

It was extremely close between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (only separated by 1 vote each).

In2nd place we have River Mersey by Joanne Davison, laboratory scientist.

In 3rd place we have Sunset by Matthew Boa, image analyst.

The judges felt that the winning photograph captured the vast open setting as well as the movement of the close-up falls in perfect harmony. These elements help deliver a fantastic dynamic image which wouldn’t look out of place on a gallery wall. One judge said: “There’s such a powerful mix of natural lighting – it frames the shot beautifully”.

Monthly winners

Below are the monthly winners who all made the shortlist.


River Mersey by Joanne Davison, laboratory scientist.

river mersey in mist


Blackbird by Søren Pears, senior marine taxonomist.


Cotswolds by Elen Stahl, consultant freshwater scientist.


Sunset at Fen Ditton by Søren Pears, senior marine taxonomist.

sunset at Ditton fen


River Sunset by Matthew Boa, image analyst.


Puffin by Abi Goulding, assistant ornithology consultant.


River Wye, Kerne Bridge by Catherine Van Russelt, field scientist.

Kerne Bridge over the River Wye.


Holywell Bay by Tom Worrall, aquatic consultant.

Sunset at Holywell Bay


Intruder by Søren Pears, senior marine taxonomist.



Fly Agaric by Lauren Dawson, consultant scientist.

Fly agaric fungi


Waterfall by Abi Goulding, assistant ornithology consultant.

waterfall on the moors


Snowscape by Søren Pears, senior marine taxonomist.

snowy river

We will be running the competition again in 2020. We’ll be sharing all the photos that were entered on our new Instagram! Give us a follow to see aerial imagery, nature and wildlife photos from our work all over the world.