Single-use plastics like water bottles and crisp packets make up a high proportion of the litter in UK rivers. The field team’s efforts, for the Cash for Trash scheme, will contribute to the fight against plastic pollution. Every item of litter present in rivers across Wales could reach the sea. Any that don’t will contribute to the growing volume of microplastics in our waters.

Peter Dennis, Head of APEM’s field team, said, “I was carrying out a fisheries survey for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and spotted some plastic sheeting that had blown into the river. As I started gathering up the plastic it occurred to me that if our field scientists did the same whenever they could we could collectively make a big difference. We’re all in this job because we want to have a positive impact on our environment so it seemed an ideal way to do our part.”

Gail Davies, Environment Programme Manager at Welsh Water, says, “We are very happy to be supporting this initiative from our Biodiversity Fund. If every person picks up litter, each and every time they are out then think of the massive benefit that would result for the environment of Wales. This initiative is being run at no additional cost to Welsh Water, whilst people are out undertaking environmental surveys across Wales.”

Our chosen charity is Afonydd Cymru, the umbrella organisation for Rivers Trusts across Wales. Their aim is to champion the protection of rivers across Wales. The protection of rivers, fish and fisheries in Wales depends on how we look after the environment.

Stephen Marsh-Smith, Chief Executive, said, “This is a brilliant initiative: litter collection as part APEM’s river surveys are a terrific way of reducing the amount of plastic we send out to sea. We are very fortunate to be the charity of choice and the challenge is to make this idea part of a regular routine when walking any of our streams or rivers in Wales.”

If you have any queries, please contact Peter Dennis, Head of Field Operations.
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