In the five years since we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary, although it seems like only yesterday, a great deal has happened. In that five years the company has grown by 40 per cent, breaking new turnover records in each of the last two years.

At the same time we continue to be at the forefront of science based environmental consultancy, innovating and developing exciting and effective new technologies to solve the increasing range of problems faced by our clients.

Our traditional business in aquatic science continues to expand throughout the UK, now counting amongst our clients all of the water companies and environmental regulators in England, Scotland and Wales.

As the water sector adjusts to the changing requirements of our regulatory regime, so the demand for ecological evidence based impacts and catchment water cycle management is increasing. As these are longstanding areas of our expertise, APEM is benefiting.

  • Field team taking in-river measurements at a weir
  • Fish on measuring board
  • APEM aquatic scientist at microscope
  • Crew deploying underwater camera system
  • APEM aircraft on aerial survey over a wind farm
  • Aerial view of offshore wind farm


Whilst our core expertise in the water sector still accounts for around two thirds of our revenues, the innovative new technologies we are developing in remote sensing, in both ecology and the engineering and power sectors, are developing rapidly.

This is particularly true abroad. Major contract wins in the USA and Germany are helping to spread news of the groundbreaking work pioneered by our scientists here in the UK, giving us grounds for great optimism for the future, with or without Brexit.

Having been at the helm right from the beginning, it fills me with immense pride to see the company flourishing as we commence our fourth decade.

Staff outside APEM's Manchester office

But perhaps the most satisfying aspect of having started a company at ground zero is being privileged to observe the development of the individuals we have employed over the years.

Many of them have chosen to stay with the firm and develop their careers with us. Seeing them rise through the ranks from entry level scientists to many of the most senior positions throughout the firm is immensely satisfying.

For those who have chosen to leave it is no less rewarding to see their careers develop. Some join our competitors, but more often than not they eventually become clients – thus we are all winners.

So to have created the first rung on the ladder for many a career, and been a useful step for many others, is perhaps the most significant achievement in APEM’s 30 year history.

As I said five years ago; we owe our success, more than anything else, to the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of our staff – and that includes past, present and future.

Thank you to you all.

Dr Keith Hendry, MD, APEM

Dr Keith Hendry, founder