A number of director level roles and a new board have also been created as the company restructures its senior management team. Six new directors will take on responsibility for the wider company covering technical, operational and support functions.

Dr Hendry said: “I would like to thank all our fantastic staff for their hard work, effort and enthusiasm not only over the past year, but also during the whole of the last three decades.

“APEM is now an immensely successful and profitable company. But after 32 years in the driver’s seat, I feel that now is the right time for me to move aside and allow a new generation the opportunity to steer the company forward through the next stage in its evolution.

“These changes are not an overnight decision, but a natural progression that we have been working towards for several years. Over that time, I have enjoyed an increasingly strategic role as Adrian and Stuart have taken on the mantle of running the company day-to-day.

“My task now is to support them and the management team in their plans to develop the company further.”

Dr Hendry’s three decades of leadership have left APEM on a sound financial footing. The company recently announced record turnover and strong growth for 2017 as it outperformed the overall environmental consultancy market, as reported by Environment Analyst.

After founding the company in 1987, initially as a commercial arm of the University of Manchester, in 1990 Dr Hendry took APEM to being a limited company.

From being the company’s first – and only – employee, he has led APEM to become the country’s leading aquatic science firm, with 115 employees in seven locations around the UK, as well as offices in Germany and the US.

Among the company’s most prominent successes has been its role alongside Salford City Council in the clean-up and regeneration of Salford Quays. Now home to the BBC North, Media City and the Lowry arts centre, the quays were once a post-industrial scene of abandoned land and heavily polluted water.

But it was the foot and mouth crisis in 2001 that posed Dr Hendry and APEM their greatest challenge. With most of the company’s work based in the countryside, almost overnight progress came to a virtual standstill.

The company’s adaptation and survival in the face of such adversity, without the benefit of government aid and with not a single employee being made redundant was, says Dr Hendry, his proudest achievement.

  • Dr Adrian Williams, APEM's managing director
  • Dr Stuart Clough, APEM director and President of APEM Inc.

Taking over from Dr Hendry as managing director is Dr Adrian Williams. Dr Williams has been with the company for over 16 years and was previously its director of freshwater and marine ecology.

Dr Williams said: “Firstly I’d like to congratulate and applaud Keith for everything that he has achieved with APEM.

“I arrived at the company in 2002 when there were around nine of us in a single building just next to the University of Manchester and have been learning from him ever since. It is an immense privilege to now take the reins from him. His trust in me to become the managing director is humbling.

“Along with Stuart, as president of APEM Inc., I am very excited about this next stage in APEM’s history. But of course I won’t be leading the company alone and I thank Stuart and the rest of the new board for the help they will provide me in the process.”

Dr Hendry said that he is looking forward to the challenges of this next phase in his career. He also revealed that he intends to dedicate more time to enjoying his hobbies – fishing and travelling.

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