Studying Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford, Katie joined us for the summer and has seen at first hand that no two days are the same at APEM, especially in such a dynamic a fast-paced team.

“This internship has offered me some incredible insight into the roles of ecological consultants, what day-to-day work is like within environmental consultancy, and how broadly this work varies.”

Katie has now returned to complete a Master’s year researching the effects of projected climate changes on detritivores invertebrates and the valuable ecosystem services they provide.

“My passion really centres around the vital role biodiversity plays in underlying the functionality of ecosystems, as well as the traditionally underappreciated non-market value which we derive from nature. Combining this internship, much of which has focused on how services derived from nature can be economically valued, has been an amazing fit for my interests and further studies.”A large part of her time at APEM has been focused on aiding in the development of COVER+® – our own Natural Capital accounting tool, to value the ecosystem services provided by nature at specific sites and across landscapes. A specific element of this that Katie particularly enjoyed being involved with was developing Geographic Information Mapping (GIS) skills.

The Natural Capital team sits alongside the Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) team and Katie also had the opportunity to learn about the issues surrounding invasive species within the UK and work alongside some of the consultants who specialise in this area of expertise.

Of her time as a whole at APEM, Katie said:

“Overall, the variation in the work I’ve completed has been fantastic and has given me the chance to learn about a number of complex projects and contribute my small part to them. Much of the freshwater work undertaken by APEM was particularly new to me so learning more about freshwater management and the policy surrounding this has been really interesting.

In the future I aim to pursue a career in the environmental sector, and I think I will strive to return to environmental consultancy once I have finished studying. This internship has been central to encouraging my interest in this path. Natural Capital and the valuation of nature in general represents a massively expanding focus of UK environmental policy so I am very excited to see how this develops and what opportunities it brings!”

Thank you for all your hard work and input this summer Katie and all the best for your ongoing studies!