To identify Piscicola siddalli, Grant referred to guidance prepared by Dr Michael Dobson, one of the UK’s leading experts on aquatic invertebrates, who is also head of limnology at APEM.

Mike Dobson said: “Although this species was first identified in Yorkshire and has since been seen in southern England and southern Scotland, this is the first time anyone has identified it in samples from Wales.

“It has probably simply been overlooked in the past, as an accessible key to differentiate it from the better known species, Piscicola geometra, was not available until 2015. But now we are able to add our identification to the records and alert other scientists to be on the lookout for the species, helping to improve our knowledge of its distribution.”

APEM’s scientists analyse thousands of samples every year at the company’s laboratories in England, Scotland and Wales.

The company also provides important auditing and external quality assurance in macroinvertebrate sample analysis for the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Michael Dobson, head of limnology.
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