An auditor from Achilles spent a day in our South Wales office near Cardiff looking in detail at the company’s HSQE management systems and paperwork. A second day spent on-site allowed them to confirm that the systems are correctly implemented on the ground.

Achilles is used extensively by water and power companies as part of their procurement process to ensure that their suppliers – such as APEM – are working to the required standards, including complying with EU regulations.

APEM’s health, safety, quality and environment manager, Gemma McLean, said:

“In the last twelve months we’ve worked hard on continual improvement for our systems, as well as aiming to dot the I’s and cross the T’s on what we do.

So it’s great that it has paid off in this year’s audit.

One initiative that has grown over the last year has been our safety action group. The group meets on a quarterly basis and includes a representative from each of our offices and every department in the company. It is tasked with keeping us focussed on health and safety across the company and with identifying and implementing practical improvements.

We’re proud of this year’s score from Achilles, but the real achievement is the knowledge that our staff who work in potentially hazardous situations, such as in the field or the laboratory, are as safe as possible.”

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