Teams from across APEM worked together to carry out innovative field, aerial and drone surveys, gather data and develop digital and ecological models.

A field study was developed that collected new-to-science information using sampling techniques that had never previously been used in this kind of survey.

Scientists then used high resolution aerial surveys and boat based bathymetric surveys to produce a seamless digital model of a stretch of land and river channel.

APEM’s director of aquatic consultancy, Nicola Teague, who led the project, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be recognised with this award.

“We were able to bring together our existing fisheries knowledge alongside our expertise in digital modelling and aerial surveying in a new and innovative way. I want to congratulate colleagues across the company.”

It is the second time in five years that a project involving APEM has been recognised by the Water Industry Achievement Awards. In 2014 our aerial surveys for detecting leaks in underground water pipes, carried out for United Utilities, won the award for the most innovative use of an existing technology.

The full list of this year’s winners is here.

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