The seminar opened with a presentation by Mike Streetly, ESI’s director of water, on the company’s two decades of experience in water resource hydrology.

Rob Sage then drew on his extensive experience in the water sector to give his perspective on changes in the management of groundwater resources in the UK over the last 40 years. Rob recently retired as a water resources asset specialist with Affinity Water.

Dan Cadman of APEM talked about developments in managing flow regimes downstream of impoundments. He suggested that water companies should use consultants to actively seek innovative ways to optimise their assets while at the same time meeting environmental objectives.

Rob Lawson of Artesia talked about water resources modelling, with a presentation titled From Colorado to Carlisle: the evaluation of an alternative approach to stochastic water resources modelling.

Colin Fenn from Hydro-Logic Services International talked about optimising resilience to the risk of water scarcity.

In the afternoon delegates discussed the challenges faced by water companies and the Environment Agency around the Water Framework Directive “No Deterioration” test.

A lively panel discussion was chaired by Mike Jones of Thames Water and included presentations from Marcus O’Kane of Severn Trent Water, Nick Walters of Anglian Water, Marcus Adams of South West Water and Mike Streetly on behalf of South Staffs Cambridge Water.

David Bradley, APEM’s head of hydro-ecology, said: “It was a very enjoyable and stimulating day on which some of the industry’s leading experts shared their insights, with a real focus on finding solutions to the challenges we face in supplying water and looking after the environment.

“ESI and APEM have a long and successful history of working together, bringing complementary skills to our pooled resources, and we look forward to continued work together and to organising more workshops.”