Our approach to aerial surveying allows us to produce photo-realistic 3D models from aerial survey data, along with traditional mapping outputs such as orthophotos, digital elevation models (DEMs) and point clouds.

Our 3D ‘reality’ models are fully interactive and allow the user to zoom, pan and fly around the model, providing a unique perspective on the surveyed area of interest. The models make it easy to share 3D data with our clients and help to bring the aerial survey data to life.

The models help to minimise the need for expensive site visits and reduce health and safety risks on site because multiple users can view different aspects of the study site from safe locations. The models also provide an excellent visual method of engaging with stakeholders, the public and other interested parties.

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The models are underpinned by high quality, reliable topographic data, giving engineers, ecologists, asset managers and the like the ability to make accurate ‘on-the-fly’ measurements of distance, height, slope and volume.

Our extensive experience in aerial surveying means gives us the unique ability to produce 3D digital models over very large areas such as river catchments, route corridors or whole towns and cities. We can host the models online either privately or publicly.

Uses of 3D models

The 3D models can be used for many purposes including

3D virtual reality video flyovers

Using Bentley’s LumenRT visualization software we can take the 3D models and produce virtual reality flyover videos of a site. The videos are YouTube compatible and allow the user to pan around the model in 360 degrees as the video plays along a pre-defined flight path.

The videos can also be viewed in 3D using a virtual reality headset and a smartphone, providing a more fully immersive way of viewing the data. We can also add moving traffic, livestock and people to the models to make them even more realistic.

If you have any queries, please contact Mark Wilkins, remote sensing technical specialist.
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