Independent scientific advice

APEM has re-established the scientific basis of aeration, destratification and oxygenation techniques for use in water quality management and restoration, through modelling, monitoring and hands-on management.

We provide impartial advice based on our long-standing experience of destratification, aeration and oxygenation systems, combined with our own empirical data and detailed operational knowledge. APEM is fully independent of the manufacturers and suppliers of such technologies.

Our clients benefit from the support of our scientists, who are recognised experts in their fields with extensive knowledge of the benefits and issues surrounding deployment of aeration systems.

Oxygenation unit being installed at Salford Quays., Manchester

Oxygenation unit being installed at Salford Quays.

Over the past 30 years we have reviewed, trialled and operated a vast range of devices in a variety of environments. This has given us in-depth insight into what will work where and why – and, perhaps more importantly, what won’t.

  • Aeration device before installation
  • Graphic of aeration system
  • Helixor desLocations of Helixor destratification devices at Sallford Quays, Manchester

Key experience

  • Equipment identification and suitability assessment
  • Field trials in controlled conditions using dye tracers (field and tank trials)
  • Assessment of mixing performance, energy usage and maintenance requirements
  • In-house modelling of system requirements and optimal positioning
  • Scheme design and liaison with engineering contractors and equipment suppliers.

In addition we have long-term experience of monitoring and managing various systems in a range of reservoirs, redeveloped docks and industrial rivers. These include; Vitox oxygen injection; Bespoke Venturi oxygen injection; Oxyjet hydrogen peroxide dosing; Helixor mixing systems and the ResMix circulator.

Hydrogen peroxide dosing

Hydrogen peroxide dosing on the Manchester Ship Canal

Our staff are also fully trained in the use of hydrogen peroxide equipment, a particularly powerful water quality management tool in the event of pollution incidents.

Our extensive knowledge of the effectiveness of such techniques resulted in us being commissioned by the Environment Agency to develop best practice guidelines, define operational procedures and advise on health and safety for the use of hydrogen peroxide.

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