Fish screening regulations

Environmental regulations including the Water Framework Directive, Eels Regulations and the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act, place obligations on organisations that take water from or return water to the natural environment. These include hydropower developers and utility companies.

The regulations require that water intakes are screened where there is a risk of entraining protected species of fish.

APEM has a specialist team of consultants and field scientists with extensive expertise in fish screening, entrainment and impingement. They are experienced in intake and outfall screening for marine, estuarine and freshwater abstractions and hydropower developments.

Our scientists carry out options appraisals to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective fish screening solution for individual sites. They then provide clients with outline designs and estimated costs for the preferred screening measure.

For more information on the Eels Regulations and eel screening guidance, download our free guide: Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009.

Fish screening options

Some sites may be exempt from screening requirements if it can be proven that there is no risk of protected fish species being entrained.

At these sites APEM can carry out short and long-term monitoring studies to classify the number and species of fish being entrained and the extent of injury or mortality. Our specialist fish entrainment surveyors have extensive experience of designing and undertaking short and long-term entrainment studies. This includes pump sampling in accordance with the BEAMS guidance for the power industry.

APEM advises clients on the optimum screening methods and operation periods based on the times of year and life stages when species of fish and eels are most at risk. The results from these studies allow APEM to talk to regulators about potential fish screening exemptions or less costly solutions to screening.

  • Fish screen ready to be installed
  • Fish and eel screen on stream
  • Fish screen on water intake

Fish screening experience

APEM’s experience of working with clients in the water, power and industry sectors has resulted in a comprehensive knowledge of a large variety of intake types.

These range from small gravity-fed intakes with simple manually-cleaned bar screens, to large abstractions with complex in-works screening arrangements and debris and fish recovery-and-return systems.

This extensive experience allows APEM to provide bespoke designs to ensure an economical and effective solution to fish screening arrangements.

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