Comprehensive fisheries science

APEM’s scientists offer a comprehensive range of survey and data analysis services in the fisheries sector, as part of our wider fisheries science expertise. Our specialist team have a detailed knowledge of the legislative and policy framework associated with the fishing industry and recreational angling community.

Together with our technical skills and our experience in stakeholder engagement, this enables us to offer high quality advice and support to our clients.

Fisheries services

  • Survey design and data collection of freshwater and marine fish, shellfish and eel stocks across  marine and freshwater, commercial and recreational sectors.
  • Gap analysis and literature reviews to identify the needs of the sector to meet legislative requirements.
  • Integrating and interpreting a variety of data sources such as landings data, VMS data, fishery dependent and independent surveys, video-captured data, port sampling, fishers’ logbooks and stakeholder interviews.
  • Fish stock assessment such as age/length based cohort analysis, virtual population analysis, maximum sustainable yield and other harvest control rules.
  • Research into technical measures and management, such as minimum landing sizes estimations and MSY based on size at maturity.
  • Using power analysis to design robust surveys, looking at the impacts of existing and new fisheries on the environment and also the impacts of human activities on fisheries.
  • Analysing data to assess fish populations in terms of distribution, abundance, change through time and space and population structure. Further analysis of the drivers of these population dynamics using appropriate statistical techniques, such as generalised linear/additive modelling, mixed effects modelling and ordination based modelling.
  • Modelling and advice on the socioeconomic impacts on the sector of alternative management measures, legislation and policy, as well as from developments such as renewable energy.
  • Red marine survey vessel on the beach at low tide
  • Field scientist holding bass on a survey vessel
  • Crab being held by survey scientist

For more information on salmonid habitat mapping, download the manual: Restoration of Riverine Salmon Habitats – A Guidance Manual.

If you have any queries, please contact Peter Dennis, director of field operations.
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