Hydrometry advice and services

  • Continuous flow measurements (ADCPs)
  • Spot flow measurements (impeller, electromagnetic, ADCPs)
  • Water level
  • Bathymetry (water, hard and soft bed, integrating topographical surveys)
  • Water quality (full parameter suite, continuous, automated and manual sampling).

Our unique partnership with Xylem Analytics and dedicated field team help us to provide cutting-edge equipment and expertise.

We also provide expert analytical techniques, with an emphasis on uncertainty analysis, flow derivation and rating development and review. These skills often support our complementary services such as fish passage design and hydro-ecology.

Water management

Scientifically robust water management is vital to ensuring that there is enough water for all needs and the environment. APEM has a range of expert skills to meet this challenge, including resource planning, supply and demand analysis and modelling, and risk and resilience analysis.

We are experienced in developing environmental and ecological flow targets and policies, and then turning those strategies into pragmatic solutions on the ground. We also have a significant track record in completing Water Framework Directive studies and determinations across numerous industry sectors.

  • Hydrology map
  • aerial vier of a dam

Drought management

Our expertise in this area lies in our practical experience and application. We have completed extensive drought monitoring and impact assessments for water companies and provided expert advice on management procedures, actions and evaluation techniques. We provide clients with ‘source to tap’ solutions, from low flows policy development to environmental impacts assessments and mitigation.

Our integrated approach to water management encompasses water resources planning, drought management and resilience.

Water policy

Although we specialise in practical applications, we also assist clients with the requirement for coherent, clear and pragmatic policy. We understand the need for compliance, due to the potential risk to projects, plans and programmes.

We have developed guidance and methodologies in, for example, low flow analysis and environmental impacts, and the release of water from large impoundments in consideration of the Water Framework Directive standards.

Our expertise stems from our practical experience and from knowing how strategies and standards can be translated into workable solutions.

If you have any queries, please contact Harvey Walsh, principal aquatic scientist.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.