Marine consultancy experience

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the key environmental issues and legislation associated with the development and operation of marine and coastal industries.

We also have extensive technical knowledge of a wide variety of coastal and intertidal benthic habitats and species, ranging from shallow water seagrass beds to plankton, shellfish, fish spawning and migration, marine mammals and birds.

sea birds at rest on a rocks overlooking the sea

Guillemot, puffin and kittewake.

This understanding is used to inform assessments on the marine and estuarine environment for the purposes of environmental impact assessments (EIA), Water Framework Directive assessments, Marine Conservation Zone assessments (MCZ) and Habitats Regulations assessments (HRA) in support of Marine Licence and Development Consent Order applications.

Marine consultancy services

  • Gap analysis and literature reviews to identify what data are needed to meet legislative requirements.
  • Marine ecology surveys for a wide range of receptors.
  • In-house laboratories, quality assured through the NMBAQC scheme.
  • Data analysis, including data truncation using our experience as NMBAQC auditors for benthic invertebrate and particle size data.
  • Statistical analysis and technical reporting, including habitat mapping and assessment using geophysical and biological datasets.
  • Ecological modelling, including habitat and species modelling such as collision risk and distribution modelling.
  • Production of documentation required for consenting or post-consent compliance, such as scoping reports, Marine Licence applications, Marine Ecology Environmental Statement chapters and HRAs.
  • A beach with pebbles and cliffs
  • Waves crashing against a rocky shore
  • Snakelocks anemone
  • Aerial view of offshore wind turbines

Working with developers and regulators

We also have experience of providing advice on protected areas to developers, regulators and nature conservation bodies. This has included both assessing the effects of development on these areas, as well as conducting condition assessments.

APEM also has excellent relationships with regulatory bodies, statutory nature conservation bodies and stakeholders working in the marine environment.

These relationships have been developed over a large number of projects across many industries, with our consultants working to agree appropriate and proportionate mitigation strategies and bespoke monitoring plans for projects.

Other marine consultancy services

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Marc Hubble, head of marine consultancy.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.