Marine field survey experience

Our field scientists have extensive experience in coastal, estuarine and marine environmental surveys, with the appropriate health and safety training and accreditation to undertake both nearshore and offshore surveys to a high standard.

Our specialist marine team designs and undertakes marine ecology surveys for a number of regulatory requirements, such as environmental impact assessments (EIA), Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessments and Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA).

We also have experience of developing surveys to meet the needs of industry sectors including offshore wind farms, tidal power, aggregates, oil and gas, fisheries and the public sector.

In addition we have a significant track record in undertaking condition assessment monitoring and feature verification surveys for nature conservation bodies, surveys to identify areas of potential environmental sensitivities and shellfish stock assessments for fishery organisations.

High quality marine field surveys

Field survey on beach with hovercraft

To ensure marine ecology survey designs gather statistically robust data, APEM’s specialist marine consultants use power analyses of each survey design. This allows us to test whether there is sufficient confidence to produce appropriate advice for the relevant project.

Our robust statistical analysis is also an important part of technical reporting and our reports are tailored to the specific needs of clients, such as long-term monitoring programmes and baseline surveys.

Our experienced and skilled taxonomists are able to identify taxa in the field, often to species level, and have the support of our laboratory team for species verification in the laboratory when required.

The experience of our laboratory staff through the NMBAQC scheme also allows us to truncate and standardise marine datasets collected from a variety of sources to ensure they are fit for purpose.

  • Crew of survey vessel
  • Field scientists netting for samples on a beach
  • Remotely operated vehicle for seafloor surveys Marine survey

Marine survey capabilities

  • Benthic subtidal ecology surveys: grab sample, trawl/dredge sampling and seabed imagery, drop down video.
  • Intertidal ecology: Phase 1 walkover, in-situ macroalgae identification and Phase 2 quadrat/core sampling.
  • Fish surveys: beam and otter trawl, seine and fyke netting, fish egg and larvae, spawning and shellfish assessments.
  • Bird and marine mammal surveys: over 500 surveys carried out.
  • Plankton sampling: collection and industry leading laboratory analysis.
  • Sediment and water quality sampling.
  • Aerial imagery.

Specialist marine consultants

Our specialist marine consultants are involved at all stages of projects, from initial consultation with regulators and agreement of survey designs, to management of the field surveys and reporting of field survey data.

Our high quality technical reports are tailored to our clients’ requirements, such as environmental baseline survey reports, habitat assessments, EIAs, HRAs or marine licence applications.

We believe APEM is unique in its ability to offer field, laboratory and consultancy for all aspects of projects affecting all aquatic habitats.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Marc Hubble, head of marine consultancy.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.