Natural capital services

The natural capital approach is at the heart of the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. It is expected to drive better decision making and improved outcomes across a range of projects from flood risk management to water security and for a range of industries from water to development and infrastructure.

We can help you to:

  • Identify the most significant benefits and positive natural capital impacts for your business and local community.
  • Identify risks as well as opportunities to optimise your activities, for example in water resource schemes and habitat restoration projects.
  • Monitor, measure and collate evidence for natural capital and ecosystem services.
  • Support impact assessments such as EIA, HRA or impacts on the natural environment from pollution incidents.
  • Carry out options appraisal to mitigate impacts and ensure no deterioration of the environment.

Natural capital and ecosystem service assessments

From single-site projects such as installing fish passes up to whole river catchment schemes, we can identify, evaluate and help you improve natural capital and ecosystem services relevant to your business and project needs.

Natural capital and ecosystem service mapping

Combining data from ground based surveys by our field team with data gathered by our remote sensing experts from satellite, aircraft and drone surveys, we can produce detailed maps and images that help clients to visualise natural capital and ecosystem services. These tools are also a powerful way to engage with stakeholders.

Aerial Habitat Classification image 5

Mapping of habitats

Water resource and quality assessments

We can undertake ecosystem service assessments and evaluations ranging from setting baselines and carrying out impact assessments through to delivering options appraisals and detailed designs. These can be used for water resource management plans, water quality assessments or water cycle studies. They help our clients to create and protect the natural environment and increase resilience to future changes and growth.

Catchment investigations and management

We can identify pressures and opportunities for natural capital projects at the river catchment level using our integrated catchment management approach, including water quality, habitat restoration and water resource management schemes.

Habitat restoration

Our approach helps habitat restoration schemes achieve multiple benefits that do more for the environment and local stakeholders. We can create pressure and opportunity maps to help identify options for your projects, as well as providing ecosystem service assessments and evaluations that feed into cost-benefit analyses.

Monitoring programmes

Our field scientists and remote sensing experts can design and implement short-term or long-term monitoring programmes for natural capital, guided by your needs. APEM’s field team undertakes monitoring programmes at sites nationwide, while our remote sensing expertise provides a cost-effective way to look at whole river catchments by using high resolution photographs from satellites, drones and survey aircraft.

If you have any queries, please contact Anna Kilty, natural capital consultant.
Alternatively you can email us here. Or call 0161 442 8938.