River restoration

We help clients to meet a range of needs in their projects, from adhering to the requirements of the Water Framework Directive to improving biodiversity or mitigating for water abstraction.

Projects range in size from the local level to delivering full designs with all consents.

Our river restoration expertise includes geomorphological investigations, environmental and ecological impact assessments, surveys for fish, invertebrates and plants, hydraulic modelling, flood risk assessment, design drawings, stakeholder engagement and obtaining consents and permissions.

Alder saplings freshly planted on river bank as part of a restoration project

Alder saplings freshly planted on a river bank as part of a restoration project.

We also assess the possible impacts of proposed schemes with regard to the Water Framework Directive and local River Basin Management Plans, suggesting alternative solutions where needed.

When water companies have been asked to reduce water abstraction in order to protect aquatic habitats and wildlife, our experts are able to suggest ways to mitigate for the impacts of abstraction through cost-effective alternative measures, which will also provide additional ecosystem services.

Case study: Gypsey Race river restoration project

View of Gypsey Race chalk stream

Europe’s most northerly chalk stream, Gypsey Race in Yorkshire, is being brought back to life at the heart of a new park in Bridlington town centre, based on geomorphological advice from APEM.

Our scientists are restoring a more natural, meandering path for the stream to provide space for wild plants and animals such as brown trout and eels, and aquatic plants like water crowfoot, starwort and reed sweet-grass.

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