Seabird and marine mammal modelling services

Our wildlife modelling services include:

  • Analysing and interpreting survey data and associated information to deliver EIAs.
  • Research using best practice methods.
  • Working with data gathered by ground, digital aerial, aerial visual and boat-based surveys.
  • Bespoke pre- and post-development surveys, such as BACI, plus other bird and marine mammal surveys.
  • Assessments of bird and marine mammal population sizes and change through time and space using robust techniques, including distance analysis and functions that correct for detection.
  • Density surface modelling from kriging to Generalised Additive Models to predict and visualise the spatial distributions of birds and marine mammals.
  • In collaboration with CREEM, undertaking spatially explicit modelling using the latest analysis techniques such as CReSS and SALSA to assess how anthropogenic factors affect wildlife.
  • Collision risk modelling for impact assessment.
  • Bird Survey
  • Puffin with sand eels in beak
  • Arctic tern in flight
  • sea birds at rest on a rocks overlooking the sea Guillemot, puffin and kittewake.
  • Aerial survey birds eye view of pod of dolphins Pod of dolphins

Seabird and marine mammal modelling experience

Our wildlife modelling experience includes:

  • Delivering baseline studies and environmental statement chapters.
  • Developing MigroPath, a modelling tool widely used during offshore wind farm EIA to assess and quantify any risk to migrating birds.
  • The innovative use of data from GPS-tagged seabirds to much improve estimates of site usage in each case, lowering consenting risk significantly.
  • Analysing still images from digital aerial surveys to estimate a 99.8% avoidance rate of offshore wind turbines by Northern gannets.
  • Providing updated population sizes for Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Areas of Conservation (SACs).

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Stephanie McGovern, principal biometrician.
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