Our team of nationally recognised marine and freshwater scientists provides expert identification and surveys of terrestrial and aquatic plants, plus advice on the biodiversity and protection of rare species in wetland habitats, for regulators, local councils, water companies and developers.

Team and experience

The APEM team includes field surveyors who are experienced in CSM and Water Framework Directive survey methods, as well as botanists with experience in vegetation survey design and execution, including LEAFPACS, NVC and Phase I. They have expertise in terrestrial and aquatic plant identification including higher plants and macroalgae.

Detailed site appraisals are undertaken to assess the opportunities and constraints for wetland restoration. These include surveys of geomorphology, hydrology, water quality, physical habitat and ecology covering fish, macroinvertebrates, macrophytes, algae and diatoms.

APEM has broad experience in large and small-scale studies under European Habitats and Species legislation, monitoring species and habitats within Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Ramsar sites.

  • Frog in a wetland environment
  • Wetland with aquatic plants
  • close-up of alder saplings to be use for wetland restoration

Wetland restoration

Our staff have extensive experience of public engagement in the design and management of restoration options, including aesthetic preferences and public perception. We provide advice on socio-economic functions and ecosystem services, including fisheries, recreation and tourism.

Wetland restoration using alder saplings, woody eebris and coir mesh

APEM’s scientists also have a significant track record in analysis and interpretation, and an in-depth understanding of condition assessments and management. We have been involved in a number of wetland assessment and restoration programmes and produce high quality reports, including restoration options appraisals, preliminary ecological appraisals, species reports and ecological impact assessments.

If you have any queries, please contact Peter Dennis, director of field operations.
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