It is being delivered by an alliance comprising Mott MacDonald Bentley alongside joint ventures between Morgan Sindall and Arup, plus Skanska and Arcadis.

The alliance has also engaged water modelling consultants Intertek and a specialist survey team led by APEM, which is on Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s (DCWW) AMP6 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Framework. The survey team also incorporates Professor David Kay from CREH Ltd and Fugro EMU.

Tony Harrington, director of environment at DCWW, said: “At about £8 million, our AMP7 coastal investigations study is the largest such study undertaken by DCWW or indeed anyone else here in Wales that we are aware of.

“Credit should be paid to what I describe as our ‘A Team’, comprising consultants from at least two DCWW frameworks, who worked collaboratively together to produce our new models.

“What was particularly impressive was the speed with which the evidence was safety gathered, the smooth negotiations with our regulator, and the end products – which will be invaluable in assisting the company to target every pound of its customers’ investment to where we can be assured it will have most impact in improving our environment.

“Probably most noteworthy of all was the exemplary way the work was conducted from a safety point of view.

“Gathering such evidence during both winter and summer months in the marine environment has its risks, and yet after 100,000 hours of work, not a single accident had taken place.

“Their nomination as Team of the Month in the alliance is therefore very well deserved.”

The surveys have led to new coastal models that allow DCWW to better understand the impacts of discharges on the coastal environment and specifically bathing and shellfish waters.

The evidence and models will be made available to academics and others so that they can be used for the wellbeing of DCWW customers, society and the environment.

Dr Adrian Williams, APEM’s director of freshwater and marine ecology, said: “With so many staff out in the field on surveys around the UK, health and safety has to be part of our mind set and built into everything we do.

“To face the challenge of working in the marine environment in all seasons and not to record a single accident is testimony not just to APEM’s staff, but also our survey partners and everyone on the delivery alliance.”

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