David Hall, APEM’s NE Atlantic Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control (NMBAQC) scheme project manager, explained: “This was the second NMBAQC expert workshop that APEM has planned and run since we took over administration of the benthic invertebrate component in 2014.

“We were delighted this time to be hosting international polychaete experts Dr Vasily Radashevsky and Dr João Gil, who presented on spionidae and paraonidae respectively.

“These workshops are very valuable in extending our knowledge in problematic groups. The experts gain valuable insight into issues with taxonomy in the UK and get to see for themselves numerous specimens brought to the workshops by participants.

“We always find that these workshops help to add to the industry’s understanding of these groups and have often added to significant advances in the literature for the featured groups.”

  • Scientist give NMBAQC taxonomy presentation
  • Taxonomists at NMBAQC workshop
  • Attendees at NMBAQC taxonomic workshop

The workshops are open to everyone, from NMBAQC participants to Seasearch volunteers and students. This workshop was held at Millport’s Field Studies Centre in Cumbrae and both the organisers and participants enjoyed the historic location.

The NMBAQC scheme was set up in 1994 to provide quality control and assurance to the macrobenthic invertebrate elements of the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (formerly the NMMP).

Its principal aim is to provide assessment of marine biological data contributing to UK national or European monitoring programmes.

The scheme also aims to develop and promote best practice in relation to sampling and analysis procedures through a range of training exercises, workshops and literature guides.

In keeping with the NMBAQC scheme’s remit to promote best practice and enhance data consistency across the NE Atlantic, all NMBAQC taxonomic workshop guides are freely available on the scheme’s website.

If you have any queries, please contact David Hall, head of marine and freshwater laboratories.
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